The credits page.


Post-Pre-Alpha 1.0

These people are currently helping make the game.

Image Name Job Active Notes Student
MeroIcon Mougeki MeroSpritesIn-activeCreated the new female base.Mougeki Mero
AntonoIcon AntoninkoSpritesActiveCreated some hairstyles and the male base.Mokoto Kototo
DesertFokxtrotPhoto DesertFokxtrotSpritesIn-active (Active again in November)Created many hairstyles and many of the UI sprites.Himeji Miyoshi
DesertFokxtrotPhoto LynRuden/HeyhellSpritesRetiredCreated several random sprites.None

Pre-Pre-Alpha 1.0

Image Name Job Notes Student
MeroIcon Mougeki MeroSpritesN/AMougeki Mero
StrawberryIcon Strawberry ImoutoSpritesN/AIne Maki
DesertFokxtrotPhoto It's a COCONUT!SpritesN/AMary Sue
AntonoIcon AntoninkoSpritesN/AMokoto Kototo
RumorIcon RumorChanSpritesN/AHan Juryoku
DanielIcon Daniel9700SpritesHe was credited before any of his work was added to the game. This is due to update he was first credited was planned to feature his work.None
BetaIcon Betapekoyama SpritesN/AFude Nagakage
THIRDIMPACT Third-Impact-is-ComingArtist and SpritesCurrently creating rival concept art and miscellaneous sprites.Shota Shounen
DesertFokxtrotPhoto DesertFokxtrotSpritesCreated three sprites.Himeji Miyoshi
DesertFokxtrotPhoto LynRuden/HeyhellSpritesCreated the original sprites for the game.None
DesertFokxtrotPhoto Kawaii DerpSpritesN/ARei Chawa


Image Name Language Status
Sonrisitas SonrisitasParodyFansSpanishActive
TBA UnknownBulgarianUnknown[1]


These people have characters who appear in the game. Characters are usually added through a contest or becoming a volunteer. The following were added mostly by contest. Several of them may or may not return in Pre-Alpha 1.0.


Ai Hayashi, Hoshi Ando, and Jeikobu Fodo. (All characters have been cut from the game at this time.)


Amashi Nijiro (Will return as ownership of character was given to Jackboog21)

Demonic BB

Sohoko Izureka (Status to be determined)


Hanako Kaho (Status to be determined)


Kimiko Kokoro, Akemi Akiyama. (All characters have been cut from the game at this time.)

Igor the Mii

Irina Luan, Igor Luan (Likely to return)


Rito Minu (Status to be determined)


YandereDev & Volunteers

Creators of Yandere Simulator.

Kevin Macleod

Creator of Santa Mode, Pumpkin Mode and Slender Mode songs.



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