Version Date Update Type Changes
1.0.0April 1, 2017Major
  • Game is released
1.0.1April 17, 2017Patch
  • Added blinking sprites for Tsundere-chan and Himedere-chan.
    • Used only when Kuudere-chan is blinking and you switch before she's done.
  • Improved returning to the title screen.
  • Improved reset debug command (0 key).
  • Fixed several sprite errors.
  • Fixed several rare bugs that related to Himedere-chan saying Hmph.
  • Removed someone from the credits.
1.0.2July 21, 2017Patch
  • Added a new setting, you can now turn subtitles off.
  • Fixed 2 sprite errors.
1.0.3April 1, 2018Patch
  • Updated the font.
  • Improved how subtitles are handled.
  • The game is now capable of checking for updates.
  • Settings now save.
  • Added a language setting.
    • Includes English and Spanish. An unfinished Bulgarian translation is also available.
  • Made an attempt to improve performance. (the game has never had a problem, but it can’t hurt to improve it)
  • Added a hidden surprise. (good luck)
1.0.4June 22, 2018Patch
  • Fixed sprite errors
  • Some general code improvements
1.0.5August 9, 2018Patch
  • Added FPS Cap setting.
    • 1/2=30fps, 1=60, 2=120. These are halved in menus, so 1/2=15 etc
  • VSync is now an option. (disabled by default)
    • VSync was alway there, it was just not an option.
  • Added a few new Bulgarian translations.
  • Updated some Spanish translations.