Despite being a fully finished game, Kuudere Simulator 2D has received one update so far and may receive more in the future.


Version Date Update Type Changes
1.0.0April 1, 2016Major
  • Game is released
1.0.1April 17, 2016Patch
  • Tsundere-chan can now say "Baka!" without you pressing B.
  • Adjusted Kuudere-chan's hair color a bit.


When the source code for Yandere Simulator 2D was lost, so was Kuudere Simulator 2D's. So during March 2017 Jackboog21 began work on remaking the game from the ground up.

The remake was built better and uses the graphics of Yandere Simulator 2D's Pre-Alpha 1.0.

Version Date Update Type Changes
2.0.0April 1, 2017Major
  • New main menu
  • Settings
  • New credits menu
  • Better graphics
  • Better code
2.0.1April 17, 2017Patch
  • Improved returning to the title screen.
  • Improved reset debug command (0 key).
  • Fixed several sprite errors.
  • Removed someone from the credits.

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