Yandere Simulator 2D updates frequently, this page documents all the updates.

Pre-Alpha 0.0.0-0.2.5c

Version Date Update Type Changes
0.0.0July 29, 2015Major
0.0.1July 29, 2015Patch
  • Slightly improved title screen.
  • Senpai and Default-chan now spawn in the corner.
  • Bells when a day starts.
  • Picture in the background of Akademi High School.
  • Senpai has gray clothes.
  • Music
  • If you touch Senpai, he will say 'What's up with her?" and Yandere-chan will turn away.
  • If you touch Default-chan, she will die,Yandere-chan will turn around and Senpai will say "What have you done? You monster!".
    • This will lead to a game over and Yandere-chan will say "Now

Senpai could never love me.". After this, you'll return to the title screen.

  • 1 minute days. (It will just loop the same day.)
  • Added an Easter egg.
0.0.2July 30, 2015Patch
  • Improved the title screen some more.
  • Changed the music to the same music used in Yandere Simulator.
  • Pixelated the background a bit.
  • Characters are solid. You can no longer walk through them.
  • Added a phone.
    • Right click a student to see their info. You can even do this to Yandere-chan.
  • Added a new Easter egg.
0.0.3August 1, 2015Patch
  • New sprites!
  • Added a disclaimer of sorts. It basically says that the game is a fangame,that it'll always be free and that any assets from the real Yandere Simulator are placeholders.
  • Majorly improved the title screen.
    • 2 Default-chans and Yandere-chan will appear on the title screen.
    • Yandere-chan blinks on the title screen.
    • The title screen uses the same music as Yandere Simulator's title screen.
    • Every 27 seconds Default-chan will die and Yandere-chan will become bloody.
    • Credits now says what the person did for the game.
  • Pressing ctrl will make Yandere-chan laugh.
  • After killing Default-chan, Yandere-chan will become bloody.
  • New portraits to match the new sprites.
  • When Senpai is talking, his mouth will open.
  • Changed the game's floor to gray.
0.0.4August 8, 2015Patch
  • Slightly improved spacing in the disclaimer.
  • Added Victim-chan.
  • Victim-chan will appear on the title screen.
  • Added more functions to the phone.
    • You now need to right click to exit your phone.
  • Changed the game's environment.
    • It's now a large dark gray area.
  • Added side scrolling (the reason for a large area).
  • Yandere-chan is now in the Stalking club and has the Yandere trait.
  • Senpai will become shocked if you kill in-front of him.
    • Yandere-chan will also become shocked that Senpai saw.
  • Senpai,Default-chan and Victim-chan walk/slide.
    • They will only walk so far before stopping.
  • Days are now 2 minutes.
  • Added jumping. (This is so you can get pass characters and may be removed in the future)
  • Laughing will no longer remove blood.
    • Laughing,getting covered in blood and being shocked will no longer reset Yandere-chan's outfit.
0.0.5August 16, 2015Patch
  • Added Witness-chan
  • If you kill Victim-chan, she will notice,become shocked and run.
  • Added an X button to Yandere-chan's phone.
  • Characters are no longer solid. (This should help fix a bug)
  • Fixed a bunch of sprite errors.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added a song to Yandere-chan's phone. (This kind of counts as a Easter egg)
0.0.6August 22, 2015Patch
  • Added Yui Rio
  • Added Riko Fujimoto
    • Because she's planned not to be a normal student, I'll need sometime to work on her AI. Until then, she'll only stand in a corner and

can't be killed. But you can right click her.

  • Added Ai Hayashi
    • This is a student I let Jacbocford create the concept of.
  • Added a simple bedroom environment.
  • If you touch Senpai too many times, you'll get a game over.
  • Added a uniform on the ground that you can touch to remove blood.
    • It's located near Riko.
  • Pressing R will reset the day.
  • Renamed Default-chan to Deforuto Moto.
  • Renamed Victim-chan to Higaisha Kito.
  • Renamed Witness-chan to Shonin Maki.
  • Fixed several of Yandere-chan's sprites.
  • Heavily edited Shonin Maki's (Witness-chan) sprites.
    • I did this so her colors would match Yui Rio's.
  • Much larger phone sprite.
  • Slightly decreased jump hight.
  • Improved portrait quality a bit.
  • Fixed some spacing in the disclaimer.
  • Fixed some spacing on the title screen.
  • Fixed zombie/undead Witness-chan glitch.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused students to turn after 30 seconds of spawning, even if they were dead.
    • This glitch only effected Higaisha Kito (Victim-chan) and Deforuto Moto (Default-chan).
  • Pressing Y will disable whatever Easter egg is in use.
  • Added 3 new songs to Yandere-chan's phone.
  • Added a new Easter egg.
0.0.7August 27, 2015Patch
  • Added Yuna Hina
  • Added Koharu Hinata
  • Revealed the first rival.
  • Pressing H will cycle through hairstyles.
    • This feature took a surprisingly long time to do.
  • Added a controls screen.
  • Added a tips and trivia screen.
    • Currently it is bugged and will display the same thing every time.
  • Added 2 more songs to Yandere-chan's phone.
  • Centered some of the title screen's text a bit more.
  • Improved 1 of Yui Rio's sprites.
  • Fixed some minor sprite errors for Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed endless slam glitch.
    • This is the glitch that caused horrific sounds if you touched Deforuto Moto.
0.7.0bAugust 27, 2015Minor Patch
  • Disabled the tips and hints screen.
0.7.0cAugust 27, 2015Minor Patch
  • Fixed a glitch preventing the bell from playing.
0.0.8September 5, 2015Patch
  • Added Chie Suzuki
    • She currently has no AI.
  • Added Saki Miyu
  • Added Mei Mio
  • Touching Senpai while bloody will lead to a game over.
  • Added 3 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Larger testing area.
  • Centered the gameover text.
  • Added a secret on the controls screen.
  • Added a surprise that you can right click on.
    • It's located next to the spare uniform.
  • Moved all Easter eggs to 1 key.
  • Added 2 new Easter egg.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed laughing to continue when you went through a door.
  • Fixed a bug that causes crashing.
  • Fixed some small bugs related to hair.
0.0.9September 12, 2015Patch
  • Added Hanako Kaho
  • Added Sohoko Izureka
  • Added Amashi Nijiro
  • Re-wrote all the code for jumping.
    • This removes the flying bug.
    • This also allows for easier clearing of students.
  • Improved sprites for Riko Fujimoto.
  • Change Chie Suzuki's persona.
  • Gave Ai Hayashi purple stalkings.
  • Gave Chie Suzuki shorter socks.
  • Increased the size of the testing area.
  • Slightly larger phone sprite.
0.1.0September 26, 2015Minor
  • Added a knife.
    • You can no longer kill a student by simply walking into them.
    • To kill a student, you must pick up the knife. It's located near the spare uniform.
    • Pressing Q will drop the knife.
  • If Senpai sees you holing the knife, you'll get a gameover.
  • Re-programmed a big chunk of code relating to hair,student profiles & Easter eggs.
  • Added Midori Gurin
  • Added Kimi Mori
  • Added a new hairstyle.
  • Changed Higaisha Kito's crush.
  • Deforuto Moto no longer "talks" to Senpai and will now "talk" to Kimi Mori.
  • Tweaked the controls screen a bit.
  • Fixed Koharu Hinata's name.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yandere-chan's hair to become longer with Osana pigtails.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Yandere-chan from becoming shocked with 2 hairstyles.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Yandere-chan to become un-shocked if she moved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blood to disappear if Yandere-chan was bloody and became shocked whith drills.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sohoko Izureka to turn even if she died.
0.1.1October 3, 2015Patch
  • Added Senpai customization.
    • Choose between 5 hair colors and 5 eye colors.
  • Added Suzu Chiba.
  • Renamed Shonin Maki to Shonin Hanko.
  • Fixed a small error in Senpai's portrait.
  • Fixed a bug that caused music to not always play on Yandere-chan's phone. (Hopefully)
0.1.2October 10, 2015Patch
  • Updated Yandere-chan's and Senpai's names.
    • Yandere-chan = Ayano Aishi and Senpai = Taro Yamada.
  • Added Pippi Osu.
  • Added Hoshi Ando.
  • Added Seiko Tsukioka.
  • Added Kimiko Kokoro.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the knife to appear in the wrong place.
  • Fixed a LOT of errors in Shonin Hanko's and Saki Miyu's sprites.
  • Fixed a few errors in Koharu Hinata's sprites.
  • Fixed a few errors in Midori Gurin's sprites.
0.1.3October 17, 2015Patch
  • Added a simple recreation of Yandere Simulator's intro.
  • Added Resume and New on the title screen.
    • Resume will start the game with default Senpai and skip the intro.
  • Added Honoka Saito.
  • Added the ability for Ai Hayashi will pick up Potato-kun.
    • If you kill her while she's holding him, he'll return to his original position.
  • Added music to custom senpai screen.
  • Added music to Yandere-chan's bedroom.
  • Added blue hair and eyes for Senpai.
  • Updated Taro's (Senpai) club to No Club.
  • Updated Ayano (Yandere-chan) and Taro (Senpai) on the day end screen.
  • Improved some stuff relating to how you collide with students.
  • Fixed an error in Yandere-chan's long hair.
  • Fixed an error in Kimi Mori's and Suzu Chiba's sprites.
  • Fixed a hole in the floor.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Ayano's (Yandere-chan) sprites to not update after dropping a knife if a different hairstyle or Easter egg enabled.
0.1.4October 24, 2015Patch
  • New student info screen.
    • Larger portrait display.
    • Added additional info.
  • Added the ability for students no-longer return to school the next day if you kill them.
  • Increased the in-game day by 20 seconds.
  • Improved how Ayano (Yandere-chan) and Ai interact with objects.
  • Improved some code relating to killing. Shouldn't be very noticeable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Shonin Hanko to not run when witnessing murder.
  • Fixed an error in text on the day end screen.
  • Fixed an ENORMOUS amount of errors in an ENORMOUS amount of sprites.
  • Removed the reset debug key (R).
0.1.5October 31, 2015Patch
  • Added a pumpkin that stalks you.
  • Added a ghost that appears on the second in-game day.
  • Added a ghost that appears on the third in-game day.
  • Added a new Easter egg mode.
  • Added a new hairstyle.
  • Added a special student who comes to school last.
  • Added Mougeki Mero.
  • Added purple hair and eyes for senpai customization.
  • If you kill Kimi Mori, Deforuto will face Taro (Senpai) the next day instead.
  • Added additional info for Suzu Chiba.
  • Slightly tweaked Ai Hayashi. She no longer faces Kimiko as she's talking to Potato-kun now.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Taro (Senpai) to continue walking when he shouldn't of.
  • Fixed a collision bug with Taro (Senpai).
  • Fixed an error in Ai Hayashi's dead sprite.
0.1.6November 7, 2015Patch
  • Students now fall/kneel before dropping to the ground after being killed.
  • Added Ine Maki.
  • Added a second knife that appears next to Pumpkin-chan.
  • Kelly now opens her mouth when she talks.
  • New talking sprites for Taro (Senpai).
  • Changed the font.
  • Added a new hairstyle.
  • Fixed A LOT of sprite errors.
0.1.7November 14, 2015Patch
  • Added winking. (Press X when not holding a knife and not bloody)
  • Added Haruto Yuto.
  • Re-programmed a bunch of code.
  • New sprite for Potato-kun.
  • Improved eyes for Kelly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blood to not instantly appear on Yandere-chan. (Hopefully)
  • Fixed a bug that caused student not to fully die if you didn't move away from them.
  • Fixed a collision bug with one of Yandere-chan's hairstyles.
  • Fixed a lot of errors with red, brown, and cyan eyes.
  • Fixed an error in all blinking spites.
  • Fixed some errors in Ai Hayashi's sprites.
  • Fixed some errors in Chie Suzuki's and Hanako Kaho's sprites.
0.1.7bNovember 14, 2015‎Minor Patch
  • Added Haruto Yuto's portrait.
  • Fixed an error in one of Yandere-chan's sprites.
0.1.8November 21, 2015Patch
  • You now have to press F while holding a knife to kill someone.
  • You can now choose Yandere-chan's hairstyle from New Game.
  • Added a new hairstyle.
  • Added Kuu Dere.
  • Added Sota Yuki.
  • Added a blue background and clouds.
  • Updated the info of several students.
  • Removed the H key.
  • Reduced how high Yandere-chan can jump.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yandere-chan to stop closing her eyes if you pressed D.
  • Fixed an error in all female portraits.
  • Fixed an error in Hoshi Ando's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in one of the Easter eggs' sprites.
  • Fixed an error in dead male sprites.
  • Fixed an error in the sprites of student with TwinTails.
0.1.9November 29, 2015Patch
  • You now have to press R to pick up knives.
  • You now have to press E to change your uniform.
  • Added a new hairstyle.
  • Added Kokona Haruka.
  • Added Jeikobu Fodo.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented winking with a hairstyle.
  • Fixed some errors in Haruto Yuto's dead sprite.
0.1.10December 25, 2015Patch
  • The game now ends on Friday.
  • Added Hayato Haruki.
  • Re-coded almost everything relating to student info.
  • Re-coded stuff relating to killing.
  • Added a Christmas Easter egg.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yandere-chan to return to her default look when using Easter eggs.
  • Fixed a collision bug with Kimi Mori.
0.1.11January 4, 2016Patch
  • Added a credits screen.
  • Added Sora Sosuke.
  • Added Kitino Ashi.
  • Added Sho Kunin.
  • Added Mina Rai.
  • Added Shi Ta.
  • Added Tsun Dere.
  • New sprites for Pippi Osu.
  • New sprites for Kuu Dere.
  • Re-added Pumpkin-chan's additional info.
  • Riko Fujimoto's persona will now change depending on how many people you kill.
  • Updated Hayato Haruki's club.
  • Changed the background color when using your phone.
  • Disabled parts of Yandere-chan's phone.
  • Fixed Hayato Haruki's portrait.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented several students from dying.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dead students to turn.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Potato-kun to appear in the wrong spot after killing Ai.
0.1.11bJanuary 5, 2016Minor Patch
  • Fixed Sora Sosuke's portrait being used in Sho Kunin's info.
  • Gave Tsun Dere blue eyes.
  • Changed Kelly's eye color to match Tsun's.

The update was less than half the size of 0.2.0 and was going to release a couple weeks after 0.1.11b.

0.2.0February 6, 2016Minor
  • Students now react to dead bodies.
    • Students who find dead bodies will warn other students, causing them to leave school.
  • Added the Apathetic persona.
    • These students do not react to finding dead bodies are being told there is a dead body.
  • Added a simple "Dream" cutscene at the end of the first day.
  • Updated the title screen.
    • 1 of 7 rivals will be randomly chosen and will change every 54 seconds.
  • Added 22 new students!
  • Added a new hair color for Senpai.
  • Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a new Easter egg mode.

  • New sprites for Ai Hayashi.
  • Changed Seiko's name ot Irina Luan.
  • Cloud types are now randomized.
  • Added 10 seconds to the ingame day.
  • Changed Tsun Dere's and Kelly's eye color again.
  • Changed Amashi Nijiro's eye color.
  • Shonin Hanko no longer reacts to murder.

  • Fixed several errors in the sprites of many Easter eggs.
  • Fixed some errors in Sho Kunin's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Mina Rai's and Kuu Dere's sprites.
  • Fixed some errors in Sora Sosuke's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in Mei Mio's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in Yandere-chan's holding knife sprites.
  • Fixed a glitch with some student profiles.
  • Fixed a bug with looping on customization.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash when using a certain hairstyle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused you not to become bloody if you killed Kokona.
  • Fixed a bug that causes several students to turn while dead.
  • Fixed some bugs that occurred when using RightTail or LeftTail.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yan-chan to turn normal when shocked and using an Easter egg.
New Students

  • Added Rito Minu
  • Added Akemi Akiyama
  • Added Sakyu Basu
  • Added Inkyu Basu
  • Added Akihiko Ito
  • Added Inina Luan
  • Added Momoka Kuchiki
  • Added Dormru Kyandi
  • Added Junki Akimi
  • Added Ryusei Koki
  • Added Riku Soma
  • Added Juku Ren
  • Added Rikia Aichiki
  • Added Ichino Murasaki
  • Added Ryuto Ippongo
  • Added Ko Nakajima
  • Added Igor Luan
  • Added Koibita Kobacho
  • Added Mokoto Kototo
  • Added Azumi Okamoto
  • Added Kea Resu
  • Added Mai Waifu
0.2.0bFebruary 6, 2016Minor Patch
  • Fixed an error in Ai Hayashi's sprites.
  • Fixed Mai Waifu using Kea Resu's dead sprite.
0.2.0cFebruary 7, 2016Minor Patch
  • Fixed Inina Luan's portrait being used for Kea Resu.
0.2.1February 15th, 2016Patch
  • Added Aka Moji
  • Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Riko Fujimoto's face will change depending on how many people you kill.

  • Updated Shi Ta's name to Shima Shita.
  • Added additional info for Sakyu, Inkyu, and Mai.

  • Fixed Mai Waifu not reacting to dead bodies.
  • Fixed an error in Ichino Murasaki's portrait.
  • Fixed Sakyu's and Inkyu's beauty marks being on the wrong side of their face.
  • Fixed Inkyu having black stockings when dead.
0.2.1bFebruary 15th, 2016Minor Patch
  • Added a volunteer to the credits.
  • Fixed Mai Waifu not being in a club.
0.2.2February 22, 2016Patch
  • Added a new dream cutscene at the end of the 2nd day.
  • Added Tetsuo Fujita
  • Added Han Juryoku
  • Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Teacher's Pets and Heroics now run to the right.
  • Social Butterflies will run in a random direction and stop after 5 seconds.
  • Students can now auto-pair.

  • Changed Koibita's facial expression when she's dying.
  • Re-added Sora Sosuke.
  • Gave Ai Hayashi normal shaped stockings.
  • Gave Kelly unique stockings.
  • Added additional info for Ichino and Rikia.

  • Fixed an error in Kitino Ashi's sprites.
  • Fixed Ko Nakajima's persona.
  • Fixed errors in Pippi Osu's sprites.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed moon walking.
  • Fixed an occasional bug that caused Mai Waifu not to spawn.
  • Fixed an error in Hayato Haruki's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in Aka Moji's sprites.
0.2.3March 13, 2016Patch
  • Added a cop end of day scenario.
    • If you are bloody or holding a knife at the end of the day, you will get a gameover.
  • Students now stop and become shocked when you get a Senpai gameover.
  • Added Shota Shounen
  • Added Mukan Shin
  • Added a new color for Senpai.
  • Added a new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a timer that counts down to the end of the day.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer move if she is shocked.
  • Pressing shift will now cause Yandere-chan to move faster.
  • Added the Tasty persona.
    • Foods with this persona will grow giant kawaii eyes when their friend dies.
    • After 6 seconds they will return to normal.
  • Added Oka Ruto and another rival to the title screen.

  • New sprites for Mai Waifu.
  • Added a 4th type of cloud that can appear.
  • Updated Irina Luan and Aka Moji's additional info.
  • Added additional info for Ryuto Ippongo, Igor Luan, and Akihiko Ito.
  • Riko's face will now update without having to wait until the next day.
  • Changed the game's font to the same one Yandere Simulator uses.
  • Gave one of the rivals on the title screen red stockings.
  • Updated the bedroom music.

  • Fixed an error in Kitino Ashi's sprites.
  • Fixed an error for students with drills.
  • Fixed an error in Ryusei Koki's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in Haruto Yuto's sprites.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs relating to winking.
  • Fixed a bug preventing blinking with one of the Easter eggs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented music from stopping in all game over scenarios.
0.2.4March 20, 2016Patch
  • Added school atmosphere.
    • Killing will lower the atmosphere.
    • Students will change their facial expression when the atmosphere is low.
    • Students run faster on lower atmosphere.
    • Music will change depending on the atmosphere.
    • Atmosphere will go up if you do not kill for a day.
  • Added Yagi Mama
  • Added Fude Nagakage
  • Added Rei Chawa
  • Added Ichiro Yamamoto
  • Added a sakura tree.
  • Added a new Easter egg mode.
  • Added two new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Pressing escape on the main menu will close the game now.

  • Moved Pumpkin-chan.
  • Moved Potato-kun.
  • Renamed Higaisha Kito to Higai Sha.
  • Added additional info for Ko Nakajima.
  • Students with orange hair now have a brighter color.
  • Updated Ryuto Ippongo's eyes.
  • Changed Ichino Murasaki's club to Martial Arts Club.
  • Yandere-chan can now sprint slightly faster.
  • Removed the Y key.
  • Removed breasts from characters who had them.

  • Fixed an error in TwinTail students.
  • Fixed an error in Riko Fujimoto's portrait.
  • Fixed an error in Saki Miyu's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in Han Juryoku's sprites.
  • Fixed an error in Aka Moji's sprites.
  • Fixed bug causing Midori Gurin to react like a Loner.
  • Fixed auto-paring bugs with Yuna Hina and Yui Rio.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player's mouse to disappear on the title screen. (Hopefully)
0.2.4bMarch 21, 2016Minor Patch
  • Fixed a bug causing a senpai with orange hair and yellow eyes to change hair color when shocked.
  • Fixed a bug causing a senpai with yellow hair and eyes to always frown.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Yandere-chan to become shocked with an Easter egg.
0.2.5May 28, 2016Patch
  • Added full screen as an option instead of a requirement.
    • You will be asked when you start the game.
  • Added Kokuma Jetsu
  • Added Chojo Tekina
  • Added Rori Poppu
  • Added Mary Sue
  • Added Himeji Miyoshi
  • Added Rio Hoshikawa
  • Added Cherushi Uchihaya
  • Added Sachiko Nagahimistu
  • Added 5 new hairstyles for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a new Easter egg mode.
  • Added music to some Easter egg modes.
    • You can disable any copyrighted music on the title screen.
  • Added a new hair and eye color for Senpai.
  • Added a 5th cloud type.
  • Added a school gate.
  • Added a vending machine.
    • You can even press E when near it for a drink!
  • Added button prompts to items that you can interact with.
  • Added sprites to Yandere-chan's bedroom.

  • New sprites for Sora Sosuke.
  • New sprites for Sho Kunin.
  • New sprites for Mei Mio.
  • New sprites for Yui Rio.
  • New sprites for Yuna Hina.
  • New sprites for Koharu Hinata.
  • New sprites for Shota Shounen.
  • New sprites for Inkyu Basu.
  • New sprites for Irina Luan.
  • New sprites for Igor Luan.
  • New sprites for Haruto Yuto and Jeikobu Fodo.
  • New sprites for Chie Suzuki and Hanako Kaho.
  • New sprites for Pumpkin-chan.
    • This also effects the Pumpkin Mask Easter egg mode.
  • Altered Mai Waifu's hair.
    • Only affects Mai, any students with her hair were unaffected.
  • Altered all students with Kuu Dere's hair except Mina Rai.
  • New winking and blinking sprites.
  • New kneeling sprites.
  • Improved male dead sprites.
  • Changed the shades of pink for all characters.
  • Changed the shades of white used for all characters.
  • Changed the hair color of the Toxic egg.
  • Gave Rei Chawa black stockings.
  • Gave Fude Nagakage new glasses.
  • Changed Kelly's name to be more parody-ish.
  • Changed Kelly's persona.
  • Pumpkin-chan no longer appears in Yandere-chan's bedroom unless it's October.
    • Little tip, you can make her appear if you change your computer's time.
  • Re-organized all of Yandere-chan's hairstyles.
  • Reprogrammed a bunch of code for keeping students dead.

  • Fixed a bug allowing endless spamming of the laughing button.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Yandere-chan to become un-shocked if an Easter egg was activated.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to pick up both knives.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the knives to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused music to not always stop on game overs.
  • Fixed a crashing bug that occurred when a certain hairstyle was chosen.
  • Fixed some paring bugs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the timer to reset by using Student Info.
  • Fixed a huge amount of sprite errors.
0.2.5bMay 29, 2016Minor Patch
  • Altered one of Yandere-chan's hairstyles to stand out more.
  • Fixed errors in 3 of Yandere-chan's hairstyles.
  • Fixed errors in some of Senpai's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Rei Chawa's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Mai Waifu's and Cherushi Uchihaya's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Sakyu Basu's, Koibita Kobacho's, Mokoto Kototo's, and Rito Minu's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Fude Nagakage's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Ai Hayashi's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in Mina Rai's sprites.
  • Fixed Mei Mio using her old frown sprite at low school atmosphere.
  • Fixed a bug causing students not being able to use their shocked sprites at low school atmosphere.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to drop a knife while shocked and become un-shocked.
  • Removed Yandere-chan from the Stalking club.
0.2.5cMay 31, 2016Minor Patch
  • Changed the colors of the gray walls and floor in Yandere-chan's room.
  • Fixed another error in Sakyu Basu's, Koibita Kobacho's, Mokoto Kototo's, and Rito Minu's sprites.
  • Fixed errors in some of Yandere-chan's sprites.
  • Fixed a bug causing Easter eggs to deactivate.
  • Fixed a bug causing Ai Hayashi to rise from the dead if she touched Potato-kun.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashing through custom Senpai.

Pre-Alpha 1.0.0

Version Date Update Type Changes
1.0.0 Mid/Late-2018-Early 2019 Major The entire game has been remade.

Types of Updates

There are 4 types of updates, Major, Minor, Patch, and Minor Patch.


Major updates are the largest/most important updates. Currently only one major update has release, 0.0.0.


Minor updates are smaller than major updates, but do add lots of content.


Patches add little new content and focus on fixing bugs.

Minor Patch

Minor Patches are very small and mostly fix 1 or 2 bugs. They usually only release one or two days after a higher update type. These updates end in letters.