PotatoKun Portrait
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Potato
Class Unknown
Club Cooking
Age 2 weeks
Persona Tasty
Crush Taro Yamada (Senpai)
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Potato-kun is a rival in Yandere Simulator 2D.


Potato-kun is a potato that's tasty and has a crush on Senpai.


Potato-kun is a normal looking potato.


From the day he was bought by Senpai's mom for Senpai's lunch. He's had a crush on him. The day Senpai was suppose to eat him, he dropped his lunch and Potato-kun rolled under a bench. A day later, a teacher found him and was going to throw him in the trash, but a student came saying someone was killed. At last, Potato-kun was free from under the bench and now needs to find Senpai to confess his love.



He has a crush on Senpai and was going to be eaten by him.

Senpai's Mom

He considers her a friend for introducing him to Senpai.

Ai Hayashi

A bird tried to eat Potato-kun and Ai drove it away. After that they were totes bffs. Ai can also pick him up.


Pumpkin-chan is Potato-kun cousin.

Kitino Ashi

Kitino thought that he was a cat toy and tried to play with him.


  • He's the first character to be food.
    • The second being Pumpkin-chan.
  • His real name is Poteto Famu.
    • The name means potato farm.


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