PotatoKun Portrait
Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Potato
Class Unknown
Club Cooking
Age 2 weeks
Persona Tasty
Crush Taro Yamada (Senpai)
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Poteto Famu (Potato-kun) is a rival in Yandere Simulator 2D.


Potato-kun is a potato that's tasty and has a crush on Senpai.


Potato-kun is a normal looking potato.


From the day he was bought by Senpai's mom for Senpai's lunch. He's had a crush on him. The day Senpai was suppose to eat him, he dropped his lunch and Potato-kun rolled under a bench. A day later, a teacher found him and was going to throw him in the trash, but a student came saying someone was killed. At last, Potato-kun was free from under the bench and now needs to find Senpai to confess his love.



He has a crush on Senpai and was going to be eaten by him.

Senpai's Mom

He considers her a friend for introducing him to Senpai.

Ai Hayashi

A bird tried to eat Potato-kun and Ai drove it away. After that they were totes bffs. Ai can also pick him up.

Since Ai was removed her backstory was probably moved to Aina Nakano


Pumpkin-chan is Potato-kun cousin.

Kitino Ashi

Kitino thought that he was a cat toy and tried to play with him.

Aina Nakano



  • He's the first character to be food.
    • The second being Pumpkin-chan.
  • His name means potato farm.


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