The characters on this page are minor and play no importance to the story, nor do they appear.

Katy Clarkson

A mix of Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson. She will be mentioned a few times by Yume Fujimoto as her favorite artist.


The Fujimoto family is large and many of the members will make no appearance.

Takashi's Parents

Takashi's parents are mentioned a few times by Takashi and Bosenga.

Bosenga's Parents

Bosenga's father is Yuki Fujimoto and her mother is Hina Fujimoto. It'll be stated that her mother is more strict than her father and is more capable of containing her. Her father is more laid back.

Shin & Asami Fujimoto

Shin is Bosenga's and Takashi's grand-father. He is where the family split into 2 lineages. He married a woman named Asami and had 4 kids.


Nim is a character mentioned a few times in the story, but nothing is known about who Nim, not even Nim's gender. There is a theory that Nim does not exist.

In actuality, Nim is a joke Jack created. It's an acronym that means "Nullable Information Managed". The joke started when Jack listed the student profiles to a friend and they asked who Nim is.

Prior to Pre-Alpha 1.0, Nim was student profile 0. This meant if a student profile glitched or was missing info, Nim's profile would display.

Post Pre-Alpha 1.0 Nim is the default value when first starting the game. Because of how profiles work after this update, Nim's info is nothing but a joke as it'd never be seen without hacking the game.