Kuudere Simulator 2D is a simple short game by Jackboog21 where the protagonist can switch between being a kuudere and a tsundere.


Tsundere Mode

Pressing the T key will unlock Tsun Dere. She will say the exact same lines as Kuu Dere, except in an annoyed manner and with exclamation mark


When in Tsundere Mode, pressing B will make Tsundere-chan say "Baka!".

Eye patch

Pressing E will give the active girl an eye patch.


  • Kuudere Simulator 2D was released in April 1, 2016 has an April Fools game.
  • The game features lip-syncing, even though the original Kuudere Simulator doesn't.
  • After the 1st 17 days the game received a very small patch and wouldn't receive any updates for a year.
  • On April 1st 2017 Release 2.0.0 was released. This was a complete remake of the game.
  • Shortly after 2.0.0's release, Kuudere Simulator 2D 2 was released.