Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Student
Class Unknown
Club Unknown
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown

Jackboog21 is the creator of Yandere Simulator 2D. He was born on June 29 (unknown year) and currently lives in the United States.



  • Yandere Simulator 2D
  • Yandere Simulator Date Daze
  • Kuudere Simulator 2D.
  • . (Referred to as Dot)
  • Kuudere Simulator 2D 2
  • Cubedere Simulator


Jackboog21 has created some mods to Yandere Simulator

More Students Mod

More Students was the first mod, he added Deforuto, Shonin, Higai, etc.

Removed Students (Broken)

He added Shonin and Higaisha

New Students Saga

New Students #1

Vocaloid Music Mod (Broken)


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